For the Gentlemen


Below we have made a small guide on what to wear categorized in formality. This is only a minor guide and you are always welcome to contact us if you would like to know more. We are also available for a complimentary private consultation where we can discuss things in more detail. You can read more about our private consultations under Experience.


Lounge Suit:
The lounge suit, commonly known today as simply the suit, offers a more relaxed approach and can be used during the day as well as in the evening depending on the style and the fabric chosen.
If you are planning an informal ceremony in the summer, especially if it is to take place in warmer climate zones, our lounge suit might be the choice for you. Our many light fabrics and our light, unlined Neapolitan jacket ensures you a suit that will be comfortable even when the heat is great. 

Semi formal

Black Tie:
The black tie (tuxedo) offers a more formal look than the suit and is perfect for an evening event but should not be worn during the day.
If you are planning a ceremony in the winter where darker colors are in favor the black tie will add grace and elegance to the festivities and look more stylish than a dark suit.


White Tie:
The white tie is the most formal evening attire and is worn in the same period of time as the black tie. Today it is not really a common choice for anything else than state dinners.

Morning Suit:
The morning suit is the formal daytime attire. It is the most formal daytime wedding dress but should not be worn in the evening. The many interpretations of the morning suit that are generally accepted today makes it an elegant and festive choice for a wedding ceremony.


 Tailor made by Ditlev Lommer, denmark   

Tailor made by Ditlev Lommer, denmark