From the Xth century challenges time to come to us as an original and charming village to reside and to live in its aspects: numerous and unexpected.

Here, where centuries of history and noble families have succeeded, now you can enjoy a Historic Residence where, past and present lives together.

A philosophy oriented to the satisfaction of the couple, guides Castello di Montignano staff in wedding organization and in creating unique scenarios that see the couple protagonist.

 Accomplice the deep experience, passion and professionalism that characterise the staff, the Castle will address to the most demanding newlyweds offering a “turnkey package”: the professional staff of the Castle take in charge the entire organization of the wedding and all the food, wine, floral and artistic choices. Just a yes to turn your wedding into an unforgettable experience without the shadow of the slightest thought.

Accomplice many romantic atmospheres, Castello di Montignano is the ideal location for a reception in grand style.