Rustic Wedding at Cortal Gran

Real wedding- rustic and romantic touches

Today we have the great pleasure of sharing  our first real wedding with you. We first submitted to Fly Away Bride and they published it on their blog just at the end of last week.

Cortal Gran, one of the Classic Wedding Location’s members was the venue for this wedding and that is not only because the owner’s daughter was the bride but because she really loves the venue and wanted to make it her “I do” location.

For more pictures of the venue and more information about seats and activities in regards to a wedding there, please check our page Classic Wedding Location.

The couple's story is just so sweet and romantic, you will see for yourselves, and the wedding’s ceremony and celebration look splendid! I liked it so much that I wish I would have been part of the bridal party. The bride wrote the text herself and I think she did a great job. Follow me in their story.

“Our history…

Pere and I met following what was the trip of our lives. When we  were 18 years old we made an Interrail trip around Europe with 4 of our friends. He was a close friend of one of my best friends, with whom I planned the Interrail since we were 16 years. One day, all of a sudden, Pere decided to join us  in our adventure so our common friend presented us in March 2007. Coincidentally, we met before, at a birthday dinner, where we sat next to each other, but we didn’t recall that at all until we discovered a photo that caught that moment a year later.

In May 2007 we started to meet in order to organize the trip. We liked each other from the beginning but were very shy to do anything about it. We started seeing each other, with the group and alone with the excuse of preparing the trip and buying things for the trip. After 2 weeks and after several surprises, on my 18th birthday started everything ... 9 years ago.

We got married…

We got married at Cortal Gran, a fortified castle from XV century in Alt Empordà. We got married there because it has been very present in my life always, it's my home.

A fortified farmhouse which was kept in the family for 650 years and has been refurbished and kept by my father throughout his entire life. I have many memories of my childhood there. Finally, in 2000 it was entirely rehabilitated and we went to live there.

In 2011, along with my father, Juan, and Pere, we began to organize weddings and create a project together that we have gradually have been shaping with love and care, until today.

We  love  Cortal Gran and all the energy that comes from the venue. Weddings, experiences, and joy inundate us every wedding season and make us very happy.

When Pere and I were engaged, there was no doubt we wanted to get married at home, surrounded by all of us. We were 255 guests.

Church …

We got married in the Monastery of Sant Miquel de Fluvià. Pere arrived in a Ford Mustang V6 Silver with his mother and brother and I arrived in a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III accompanied by my father and best man, Manu, our unconditional friend.

Dress and details:

My dress is a Santos Couture, I fell in love with it the first minute I saw it.

The bridal shoes were a gift from my best friend, Amanda,  they were some lovely raffia wedges with Swarovski crystals ornaments on. I needed some shoes that  were comfortable to walk on around the gardens of Cortal Gran.

The bridal bouquet was from Flors Bahi: peonies, white roses, David Austin roses, Brunia, eucalyptus ... I wanted a simple bouquet with a romantic air.

Earrings were two beautiful diamonds  given to  by my Aunt and Godmother, I have a very special connection with her and I was very happy to wear them for our special day.

I also wore the engagement ring which was made from my  grandmother’s diamond ring.

Hair and makeup were done by Teresa Snowball, who came for the preparations to Cortal Gran on the wedding day. For my hair-do, I chose a herringbone braid with dry white flowers which were the same as the wreaths of all the witnesses.

Groom's suit:

Pere wore a navy blue Santa Eulalia suit with a gray Hugo Boss vest, his shoes were Lotus and the electric blue bowtie with the cufflinks were a set from Macson.

Most emotional moments …

It was very emotional the moment of "I do" surrounded by all our friends and family, also the speeches from Pere’s brothers, and our best friend, Amanda, who lives in Singapore and came especially for the wedding.

One of the most emotional moments of the day was the speech from my Godfather, my unconditional friend.

The previous night was also an emotional moment- I together with 8  of my friends slept at Cortal Gran and a surprise concert from William Taylor & Co. started. The band came up all of a sudden during the dinner singing "Forever Young".  So after that, we were dancing, singing and laughing as if there were nothing else in the world until 3 a.m. It was a magical moment.

For after dinner we prepared a Same Day Edit with Ensu. Everyone was surprised and like it very much.

Photos and video of the wedding:

Wedding photographs were made by Manel Tamayo and Neus Cirera, because we believe that a picture is worth than 1,000 words, but if the photographers take that image with heart, the image conveys infinitely more.

We choose them because we loved their work and we have seen some of their works  and we saw that they put all their heart in their work.

The video was made by Ensu. We didn’t know Guille before, but we saw some of his work on the internet and we decided to meet him. It took only 5 minutes to realize we wanted to work with him and that  he will be able to capture the essence of our day through his camera.


Decoration and Organization:

The entire planning and the wedding decorations were done by Maite Mach.  And we believe that Maite, Gemma, and David transformed Cortal Gran into something much better than we ever have imagined for our day.

Love, creativity, and effort ruled on September 5th at home. We choose them for their professionalism and the good relationship we have with them for years through Cortal Gran. Flowers and more flowers, hot cold beer, funny posters, a wedding cake presented on an old iron bed with candles and all kinds of plants, are just some highlights of their beautiful work.

While guests dined they transformed the entrance to the fort in a nightclub with a large chandelier that fell from the sky ... it was a big surprise for everyone!

The decor was wild and surrounded with rustic air,  a style that we  always liked and in addition, there were many  lovely details and surprises for our guests.

We wanted candles, many candles and Light Events company took care to illuminate every corner to enhance the magic of the day.

The sitting plan was inspired by places in the world important to us. Stationery, invitations, minutes, names of the tables was in charge of Good Feelings Events.

The banquet:

The celebration’s dinner was at Cortal Gran and left it in the hands of chef Jordi Jacas Moli de l'Escala. The appetizer consisted of 10 different buffets, it was like a big charming country market. Dishes of anything from fried food, quail eggs with spicy sausage, to a Sushi bar.

The menu ... A light tartare of tomato, avocado and prawns of Palamós, a steak to Broix with gratin potato and finally a delicious Carrot Cake, it was a specific request, because we are big cake fans.

Small gifts for the guests ...

Our moms were those that offered the small gifts for our guests: apple and cinnamon jams by "Angels Cake"  from the mother of the groom and cloth bags of lavender for wardrobes by "Kokini Bikini" from the mother of the bride.

The open dance was  "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri because is a song that has been very present during the whole process of wedding planning.

Vanessa from “Baila tu boda”, helped to prepare a choreography for the bridal dance and we had a great time while practicing  it and while we danced at the wedding, we laughed a lot, and we enjoyed it tons.

Funny moments ...

1. During the appetizer,  we had hired a band of pop rock, the William Taylor & Co. from a night before and before finishing the appetizer I went on stage with them to play drums, the song "No puedo vivir sin ti" from “Los Ronaldos” dedicated to the Pere. It was a surprise for him and for all our guests , only knew my father.

2. Before the banquet starts, and after our entry into the banquet we prepared a choreography with 8 friends. It was fun!

3. The area with the dance floor was mounted while the guests were having dinner, and what was the entrance of the fortress, became a room full of carpets, tables, candles and an impressive chandelier in the center.

4. At 3 o'clock in the morning, we opened the Food Truck of Cortal Gran (we call it Tehaupo'o) and we served to our guests 200 burgers from Mc Donald's!

5. We opened a Cigar Bar with different kinds of tobacco to serve our guests at the party.”

Thank you, Paula and Pere for sharing your beautiful day with us, and everyone don't forget spread the love: like, comment and share.

Until next time,