First Things First

Time came to present ourselves, the work we do and our lovely company, Classic Wedding Location.

We start our story by putting the frames. We are an online platform that allows beautiful, carefully selected venues, vendors and professionals to have international visibility in order to make the process easier for all couples wishing to have their Destination Wedding but in the same time enjoying it thoroughly.

Our platform provides all the necessary support for a stress-free, full of joy destination wedding.The company idea came from the desire to give to the future spouses and wedding business professionals from around the world an international point of contact with vendors and venues.

Every day more and more couples decide to celebrate their wedding abroad, looking for a different climate or food, but also to experience a truly special moment with their family and friends and we wanted to make that possible and at the push of a button.

Stine Kærn Simonsen, Project Manager Classic Wedding Location & Christel Winther, CEO The Wedding Company

Stine Kærn Simonsen, Project Manager Classic Wedding Location & Christel Winther, CEO The Wedding Company

Classic Wedding Location is hosted by The Wedding Company, the biggest wedding planning agency in Denmark, founded 13 years ago by Christel Winther, she has organized several weddings abroad and the number of Destination Weddings requests has increased every year. So we have the expertise in house.

Christel also has a TV show broadcasted on Danish television. You can see her work, passion and experience in the following   Christel Winther, TV3 Købmænd på 1.klasse.       

But Classic Wedding Location’s Project Coordinator is Stine Kærn Simonsen, an art and antique enthusiast. Design, décor, architecture and venues are among her interests and therefore it was a clear as day “yes” when Christel pitched the idea to our Stine, whom is an entrepreneur by nature.

The work started in January and with Copenhagen in bloom, so are we. We are by now 7 happy workers, from many parts of the world, with many different languages and experiences but united and grounded by one purpose- to provide the best information needed for the most beautiful and exciting event in everyone’s life: a wedding.

We will make sure to have a blog series about each and every one of the passionate and hardworking people from Classic Wedding Location.But for now, I will move on and tell you some things about the blog. We plan that through our blog we properly present and introduce you to our vast array of customers, such as innovative photographers, cozy, rustic, luxurious venues, skilled cake makers, and meticulous catering teams.

Our aim is to keep you updated with the newest trends and do’s and don’ts for destination weddings. We hope to offer wise advice and be a tool of inspiration, we might even have some interviews with experts in the wedding industry.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you and help you with the necessary research and planning for your wedding.

We most definitively do welcome feedback- comments, advice, maybe some words of encouragement? You can do that in the comment section or by just sending an e-mail to our company,