The Busy Bees

As we enter the 6th month of our work at Classic Wedding Location, we wanted to give you an update from the office in Copenhagen.

We work hard but we absolutely enjoy it. We pursue a dream (your dream) every day and stride to deliver the best information for the most amazing wedding destination. Every Monday is a Friday at the office :)

We feel lucky that we have the exquisite luxury of surrounding us with so many fantastic venues and great vendors every day. And it makes us even more privileged to pass that feeling and opportunity on to you.

Our daily research brings us to places you didn´t know existed.                                    We look for the best venues and vendors, we pick the ideal destinations for stunning weddings and we present them to you at a click away, so do look on our website if your Big Day approaches.

We love our business and we feel happy to know that we work on delivering someone’s dream wedding destination. Have a lovely week from Alex, Jana, Mei and Mike, the others started their summer holidays ☺